Combining two of my favorite things–books and maps– a 17-year-old kid from Slovakia named Martin Vargic has created a marvelous thing (in the old sense of the word, that is, full of marvels). Behold the Map of Literature:



One could happily get lost in here for hours, but one has to resist. I’m too fond of lists and “Best 100 Novels of the Century” countdowns and meandering the shelves of musty bookstores (or the dusty screen of my laptop) continually adding more books to the list…



Apparently the map-making prodigy made this in three weeks. You can find more of his maps (including the his popular Map of the Internet and a map of country stereotypes)  in a new book from Penguin.


Well, I should get back to the book I’m reading (the first of Elena Ferrante’s Naples cycle, My Brilliant Friend). But you never really get caught up, do you? Ah well. As the inveterate book collector A. Edward Newton observed, “The buying of more books than one can read is nothing less than the soul reaching for infinity.”